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Choose your party

Take four heroes with unique powers into the dungeon. Unlock even more heroes as you progress!


Tactical turn-based dungeon crawler

You are treading a dangerous path very few survive. The beautiful but deadly world of Loraia is to be explored only by the bravest. How far will YOU make it?

The longer you survive, the more heroes and items you can unlock for your next run! Dice based battle system with a deep sense of progression.

Level up your heroes, gather artifacts & equipment to become more and more powerful during your run. Unlock ever more exciting possibilities as you progress the always changing gameplay loop!

Unlock 11 heroes with unqiue abilities and special powers. 

Endless replayability & deep tactics!

Every dungeon is semi-randomized, so you will rarely run into the same enemy combinations! With even more to come.

A fully realized dice based D&D style battle system, that delivers a different outcome every run. Roll the dice, trust the dice, upgrade the dice and believe in the RNG!

Enemies telegraph their moves and give you the opportunity to react. Will you be aggressive or defensive? Do you have what it takes to play the winning strategy?

Heroes level up during the gameplay loop and you get access to more and more powerfull skills. Equipping the right items will create powerful and chaotic combinations that might just win you the run!

Spider Matriarch motion (png).gif
Boar-Human mix motion (png).gif

Challenge powerful bosses

Do you have what it takes in you to challenge the most powerful beasts of Loraia? 

From the Boar-Man, to the Spidermatriarch, to the mighty Dragon or The Immortal. Whichever you will encounter, best be prepared to die, because they won't go down that easily. 

Build & Upgrade

After every run, succesfull or not, you will get resources to build out & upgrade your homestead. The wizard & smith need a workplace if they are going to be useful to you! Special events wait for you behind the dungeon door, and your tavern will attract more and more heroes. Lastly with the mine your stream of income will make sure your progress towards a fully upgraded homestead will come at steady pace.

Gorgeous Pixel Art

Experience the low fantasy atmosphere of Dungeon Creeprs through beautiful pixel art throughout the entire game.

The high quality, hand drawn art work ensures our players get the best possible immersion and can really feel the heart and love going into this game. 

We want to present a game that takes pride in it's art direction, is a joy to look at and excites our players every time they open the game!  

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